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IMPORTANT: Performance Improvement with Influence client


IMPORTANT: Performance Improvement with Influence client

Depending upon how you installed your Influence client software onto your PC, there may be a setting which has an impact upon the performance of your database.

You can improve (speed-up) the performance by ensuring that you check (and amend if necessary) the following setting.

It is important that you check this for every user/PC.


A) Set the path for your cache file


Click the Influence icon on your desktop to display the Influence Login Screen. Then click the small icon at the top left corner and select Preferences

Select the Cache tab, and make sure that the Current Folder is pointing to a local folder (e.g. C:\Kerridge\KCML\Cache)
and is not pointing at a server path


e.g. \\server\user\fred.smith\documents - Wrong

C:\My Documents\fred.smith\Cache   - Correct

<or>  C:\Kerridge\KCML\ Cache  - Correct


Note: If you are using Influence on any of our Thinhost hosted server desktops, then this is slightly different. 
Your Kclient cache path should be



 If the path is wrong, then you can amend it by clicking the [Change] button and then browsing to a local path.

(Normally C:\Kerridge\KCML\Cache , although any other directory will be fine. )


B) Set the size of your cache file

It is also important that the cache file is sized correctly.

Using the Cache tab select Specific Size and change the size to be 2MB


By having a correctly sized cache file, the system will experience the additional speed of caching various screen elements without the disadvantage of searching through a file that is too large to be efficient.

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