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Configure Consultant Targets (Dials)


 This guide explains how to configure the consultant dials on the Home Screen. This should only be done by a system administrator.

For a guide in how to set the consultant figures please click HERE

Creating the Target Types:

The lists of the codes themselves that define the Home Page Consultant Target Dials are found via: 

Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables > System Area = “Contact Management”  > Contact Code Table = Analytical Code (302)

Tick the Extra Info box at the bottom of that screen and maximise the window to see the additional columns. The structure of the “Change Definition” column is typically:  

TYPE/Old Status /New Status / 

The TYPE specifies which status changes are counted. The values for these are

COMP = Companies
CONT = Contacts
SITE = Sites
CAND = Candidates
VAC = Vacancies

MAT = Matches

Example 1:

To count the number of vacancies which have been added, the definition would be

This tells the system to count VACANCIES which go from a status of <Blank> to <Live>

To count candidates created/added to the system the definition would be
CAND/  /*
This counts the status change for candidate records going from <blank> to <anything>
i.e. A new candidate being added.

Example 3: 

COMP/   /*      This would count any companies going from a  status of <blank> to 'anything', i.e. 'NEW' companies added.

There are also TYPES as below, although these follow a slightly different definition than the others.

JNL = Journals
DOC = Document Attachments for emails
IVH = Interview History
BKHD = Bookings (Booking Header)

Additional information for Journal definitions (type JNL )

For checking journals the definition is of the form:

e.g.   If you wish to accumulate only Phone calls the * at the end needs to be an uppercase “P”  JNL/TSP/*/P

General Information about Definitions

If you wish a dial to appear on the home page, then enter a 1 in the HOME PAGE column

The Offset column is usually set to be a unique number for the separate target types and represents an internal 'register' where the counts are accumulated. To accumulate multiple definitions into a single dial, ensure that the Offset number is set to the same value for each definitions you wish to accumulate.

e.g. To have a single dial that shows the total number of Vacancies which were set to WITHDRAWN or LOST, you might create two dial definitions;

Definition            Offset          HomePage

VAC/*  /WITH        12                  1
VAC/*   /LOST       12                  0

The first definition counts vacancies set to the status "WITH" and shows the dial on the HOME page.
The second definition counts vacancies set to the status of LOST but is not displayed as a dial on the home page, but it adds those figures to the total of the first dial because it has the same offset.


 Displaying the Consultant Metrics (figures) as a Table.

1)      From the workbench select Maintenance> Reporting Tools >

2)      Choose the option Export Consultant Metrics and wait for the screen to appear.

3)      Use the filters at the top of the screen to select a date range, etc. then press [Go] to display the chosen information.


Main Team: If you have linked user IDs to a team (Dept) then you can filter to display info for only member of that team.

Branch: filters the results to a single branch (if users have been assigned to a branch when setup within User Profiles)

User:  Display figures for a single user.

The [Excel] button will allow you to export the displayed information into an MS Excel spreadsheet.

NB: From version (or later) it is possible to control which UserID's appear in the export using a tick-box on the User record "Include in Metrics Export". All users will appear until you set the flag for one user - at which point only ticked users will then appear.

Bookings Dial

Note, the dial which can be configured for Bookings counts booking Headers. This means that if a single booking were taken for 3 Days (Mon/Tue/Wed) and entered as such, then the system would count one booking rather than 3 (Shifts).


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