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Set a Key Code for a batch of candidates (Old Coding system)

For users running the older "KEY Codes" system for candidate skills, it is possible to run a search and then assign a specific key code to a batch of candidates.

The ability to do this is limited to the "ADM" (Administrator) login only.



Login as the ADM user and run a candidate Search (i.e. use searching and not just the simply candidate workbench/list)
Once you have returned a list of candidates, use the [Tick All] button to place a TICK in the 'Inc' column.

Next, right-click on  any of the candidates, and choose 'Run Candidate Key code Rescan Options'
You will then be presented with a screen where you can choose to Add a specified code.


 [Add Key Codes, set key codes, batch of key codes, Key code batch, mass set key codes, en-masse key code set]

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