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Move records to another User (Change Owner utility)

From time-to-time users leave or are replaced by other database users. For example one user leaves and is replaced by a new user who wishes to inherit ownership all their previous candidate records. In these cases it is common to want to move the "Owner" for their records.
The Influence database has a tool to help you do this.

When swapping records from one user to another it is best to do this logged in as the Admin (ADM) user. (Or a user with a high priority level and access to these features)

How to swap records from one user to another

Login as the user "ADM" (or a suitable high-priority user) and choose Maintenance>Tools>Change Owner Utility.
When the option opens, use the drop-down to select the type of record to move, then use the drop-down to select the previous/New owner


Tip: If you are doing this because a particular User/Consultant has LEFT, then after you have moved their records to a new 'owner' you may also wish to HIDE their UserID from Drop-down lists so that they no longer show up in the Consultant Drop-downs in the system

If you wish to HIDE a user from Consultant drop-downs (usually because they have left) it can be done in the following way.

Go to Maintenance > Setup > User Profiles

Click [...] and choose the relevant UserID

You may want to tick Hide User [   ] to prevent them showing-up in any Consultant drop-down lists. You may also want to tick Disable Login [  ]

Once done, click [OK]  to save your changes for this UserID


If there were 25 candidates with the 'owner' set as UserID JOAD (John Adams) which we wanted to move have JECL (Jenny Clark) as their owner, then we would use the tool, set the Selection to CANDIDATES and then set

From: JOAD   (John Adams)            To: JECL  (Jenny Clark)

All 25 candidates would then have their 'Owner' changed to the newly selected UserID.

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