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Count users logged in

How to Count the Number of users logged in

It is often useful to count the number of users logged in to the database.
If all of your licences are in use the system will display a warning Terminal Count Exceeded when trying to login.

NB: This article is only applicable for customers with the Influence software installed on their own server.

 If you are using our hosted solutions (Influence Direct or our Cloud Desktop) then you will not be able to connect to the Web console described below since it is a shared server.

How to Count licences in use/Number of users logged in

On your PC open an internet browser (normally IE or Chrome). In the address bar type
http:\\yourserver:790     where yourserver is the name of your Influence Database server, e.g. ERS-SBS2012.  So you may enter http:\\ERS-SBS2012:790

When the web page appears, click on administration functions then login as the user Influence with the relevant password.

Having logged in to the Web Admin screen, the system will show the Machine Type screen.
At the bottom of this page, the system will display a summaru of the licencing details showing how many you have and how many are currently in use.

To see a more detailed view of which users are logged in, choose KCML Processes at the top of the screen.
Once the page loads, click on the Full display option lower down the page.

The KCML Partitions display will give a list of all the current connections to the database. This list can be sorted by clicking on any
of the column headings such as "Last Access" or IPADDR.

The IPADDR column shows each user/PC connected. A user is allowed 4 connection on a single licence, but each additional connection
will require another licence.

e.g. DAVE-PC-17R currently has 2 connections and is using 1 x licence.

If DAVE-PC-17R had 5 connections, they would be using 2 licences (4-Allowed +1-Extra)
If DAVE-PC-17R had 6 connections, they would be using 3 licences (4-Allowed +2-Extra)


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