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Export contacts into Excel List for Mailshot

How to export contact search into Excel for Mailshot

It is possible to run a contact search and then export the results of the search into MS Excel.
This MS Excel list can then be used as the basis of a mailshot by third party products such as  Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, etc. The benefits of using such tools is that you can more easily design HTML mailshots where the content of the mailshot is the actual body of the email and contains pictures and media. Many of these tools also have analytical capabilities to allow you to see how many emails have been opened, read, delivered, etc.

Important: When using 3rd party services such as Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey etc, please check their Terms of Use for any acceptable usage. These services are given as illustrations only and are not in any way endorsed or recommended by Influence.

How to Run Search and export into MS Excel.

1) From the workbench choose [Searching], [Contacts], then [New]

2) Once the search opens, specify the search criteria then press [Search] at the bottom left to return a list of contacts.
Once the list has been returned, give the search a name using the Description[         ]  field at the bottom of the screen.

3) Click the [tick All] button at the top left, to place a tick in the 'Inc' column next to every record you want to export.

4) Finally, click the small 'Printer' icon at the top of the screen, choose the 'email shot' option, then press [OK]
You will be required to enter a password, and then the details of your search will be exported to MS Excel, in the format:


Full name, Title, Forename, Surname, Company Name, Address, Postcode, email, Fax, Telephone


You may then save the MS Excel file, and import this into your chosen "Mass emailing" tool, such as Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, etc.


Important: If you are intending to use a 3rd party service to send mass emails, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained permission from the email owner to send marketing or email information. Please check the Terms of Service for any such sprovider you may decide to use to ensure you comply with their policies.

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