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How To Configure Influence for SYNETY (CloudCall)

For Synety to work you must have at least version of Influence. You can find which version you are running by following this guide:


Synety Integration

The following steps should only be attempted once your IP phone system is setup and working independently. (i.e. Successfully achieved a call from a soft or real phone)

There are several Parameters that need to be entered into Influence. To do this you need to go into the ‘Maintenance’ tab within Influence. Once there you select ‘Setup’ section and run ‘Parameters’.

Once ‘Parameters’ opens you need to open the Journals parameter. This is done by either clicking ‘File’ and then ‘Open’ or click the open icon.


You then scroll down the list and select the Journals entry. This list is ordered by the code of the parameter – the code for the Journal parameter JNL.

Once the Journals parameter window opens you will need to go to the Flags tab and find the entry near the bottom with a description of T’api,X’arios,C’ommand,S’wyx,V’oicenet,Synet’Y.

By default the value in V column is T, change this to Y (for Synety). See screenshot below.

Parameter 11 ‘Allow Dialling from Journal’ needs to be ticked.


You now need to enter the server credentials of the phone system into Influence. This is done in the Journals (Set B) parameter. You open this parameter the same way as before. This time the code you’re looking for is JNLB.

This time instead of going to the Flags tab you need to click on the Paths tab. In entry number 3 you need to enter the Main Server Address which is obtained from Synety.

Entry Numbers 1 & 2 are both to be left blank. Parameter 4 is: 50b95867-2613-410a-85ad-c793f1af1fe4

Extra Parameters

With CloudCall you can have multiple devices setup for use with Influence. Upon login you are presented with a screen where you select which device you want Influence to integrate with.

If you are not going to be using more than one device this window can be disabled through a parameter.

The parameter you need to find to set this is Journals number 26. If you want the option window to open on login the Confirm CTI info on Login option should be ticked. If not remove the tick from this journal entry and you will no longer get the option.

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