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Merge Candidates

Merge Candidates

It is possible to MERGE two Candidate records in the following way.

1) Login as the administrator [ADM] user. (Or any user with the 'Merge Candidates' privilege)

2) Run a candidate search (ie use [Searching] and not just a simple list from the [Candidate] workbench) to find the two duplicate records.

3) Place a tick in the 'Inc' column against both records, and then make sure you select the one which you wish to become the 'Master' record.

4) Right-click the record in the grid, and choose "Merge marked candidate with selected candidate".

The system will then keep the details of the master record and merge linked records including journals, matches, bookings etc.
Text fields such as summary text will only be kept from the master record.

The merge will set the Status for 'marked' candidate (ie not the master) to 'DEL'.
Having finished the process you will end up with one candidate which has all the Matches/Journals/notes against it.

If you wish you can then go into the 'Old' candidate record which has the status of "DEL" and click the X at the top of the record to totally remove the duplicate record.

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