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How To Configure Consultants for SYNETY (CloudCall)

For Synety (Cloudcall) to work you must have at least version of Influence. 

If you do not know which version of Influence you are using, you can see this by clicking the [HELP] button at the bottom right of the system

How to Configure the Influence User record for CloudCall

You need to now setup each user with their 'cloudcall' phone number – this is done via User Profiles.

Go to Maintenance > Setup > User Profiles

Once User Profiles opens then you need to click the [...] button next to the  User ID field and select the user you wish to amend from the list.

Once you have selected the user you need to amend go to the Other Settings tab and enter the phone number of the user into the Telephony / CTI Info area. The login and password you enter here is supplied by Synety.

The ID / Extn / No is the number of the 'default' phone that you will be using.
(NB: This phone number also needs to be setup as a Device on your CloudCall portal as simply typing it in here will not necessarily make it work)

Once completed, click [OK] to save your changes.

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