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How To Use VoiceNet

For VoiceNet to work you must have at least version of Influence. You can find which version you are running by following this guide:


Once Voicenet is configured with Influence using it is very simple. You need to find the contact you wish to call using the normal searching procedures available.

There are two ways to action a call using Voicenet.

1.       The first is to click directly on the phone number stored against the contact.

2.       The second method is to drill into the contact you wish to call and click the phone icon next to their phone number.

Both methods will open the Journal Entry window as normal. From here all you need to do is click the Dial button next to the phone number which will send the phone number to the phone installed on your system and dial out automatically.

While the phone is dialling out the Dial button will disappear and a new End button will appear. To end the call click the End button.

When the call has been ended a journal entry will be stored for the contact.

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