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How To Configure Users Profiles for Synety/Cloudcall

The basic process is

- Login to Cloudcall and setup your phone users
- Make a note of the Information
- Setup that phone user information against each UserID in Influence

Login to the Cloudcall Portal

To login to the Synety portal by visit this page:

Login with the details provided by Synety.

Setting up Phone users

On the left hand side of their portal there is a navigation menu. You want to select Service Accounts which is found under Configuration in the Control section.

Once here you will see a list of accounts.  Find the user you’re setting up and click Configure. You should see a screen like this:

Finally you need to enter an ID/Extn/No for the phone user:

This is found on the Click Devices tab on the Portal:

Make a note of all of the above info, e.g.

User Name Number (Logon) Password Device Number
John Smith 44556677 R3dArr0w 00441280997665
Mandy Jones 4461123 Gr33nCup 00442314555667

Putting Details into Influence

In User Profiles within Influence you need to open the users Profile and go to the App Logins tab, you should see a screen like this:

The Logon field should need to have Number that is highlighted in a Red square in the second screenshot.

To get the password you need to click Show which is highlighted in Green. Once show is clicked a password will be displayed which needs to be copied into the field highlighted in Green above.

The number highlighted in the Blue needs to be entered into the ID/Extn/No: which is also highlighted in Blue in the third screenshot.




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