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How To Setup and use Cloudcall


Cloudcall is a great phone solution that allows users to dial any number from within the influence database with the click of a button. Calls can be recorded, and the Cloudcall system will provide statistics on phone usage for all your users.

The really great thing about Cloudcall is that it can be used with any existing phone system. You do not usually need to upgrade or change any hardware and it simply replaces your existing billing with some super-competitive rates, especially for international calls.

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What you need

- Setting up your Cloudcall users

- Adding the Phone Details to Influence
Users can do their own using the Profile (House)
Administrators can do it for them using User Profiles option

Using Cloudcall (Making a Phone Call)

Playing back call recordings

- Troubleshooting

What You Need

In order to use Cloudcall you will need two things;-

  • An account with Cloudcall
  • Your Influence system with the Cloudcall integration turned on.

For more information please contact our Sales team or 
call us on 01372 365 716

Once your  Cloudcall IP phone system is setup and working independently. (i.e. you have successfully achieved a call from a soft phone  or real phone) then we can use details of your API Key from your Cloudcall account and turn on the integration with your Influence database.

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Setting up your Cloudcall users

In order for people to dial out using Cloudcall they will need to be setup within your Cloudcall account online and then the relevant details will need to be recorded against their UserID (login) in the Influence database.

The basic process is

- Login to Cloudcall website and setup your phone users.
- Make a note of the Information.
- Setup that phone user information against each UserID in Influence.

Login to the Cloudcall Portal

To login to the Cloudcall portal by visit this page:

Login with the details provided to you by Cloudcall.

Setting up Phone users

(NOTE: Although there is some basic guidance below, for more detailed information about adding users to Cloudcall, please contact the Cloudcall support team.)

On the left hand side of their portal there is a navigation menu. You want to select Service Accounts which is found under Configuration in the Control section.

Once here you will see a list of accounts.  Find the user you’re setting up and click Configure. You should see a screen like this:

Finally you need to enter an ID/Extn/No for the phone user:

This is found on the Click Devices tab on the Portal:

Make a note of all of the above info,  for example

User Name
Number (Logon)
Device Number
John Smith
Mandy Jones

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Adding the Phone Details to Influence

Once users have been created within your Cloudcall portal, those details for the user need to be recorded in Influence. The easiest way is for each user to enter their own details using the Profile  (House) icon at the top of the screen - although it is possible for a high level 'system admin' user to enter them for each user.

i) How a User adds their own details

Login to the database as you usually would, and choose any of the main workbenches. ([Companies], [Candidates], etc) and click the House to open My Profile

Select the [Telephony] tab and enter the relevant details.

This should be the 'number'  field from the [Information] tab on the cloudcall portal, e.g. 4433033570 (shown in the Red box  See Below)
This is the 'Service Password' taken from Cloudcall (shown in the Green box See below)
This is the 'number' taken from the Devices in Cloudcall (as shown in the Blue box See Below)

Having entered the correct information the user should click [Apply]/[OK] to save the details.

Screenshots showing where to find the Cloudcall Info

Get the login and password here

Get the ID/Extn number here


ii) How to add the details for a User (on their behalf)

Login with the UserID "ADM" (or any other suitably high priority user)

Go to Maintenance > Setup > User Profiles.

Click the [...] button and select the relevant UserID

Go to  the [App Logins] tab {On some systems this is called [MS Office & Apps] }

As before, you will need to complete the Phone section with the relevant info from the Cloudcall portal.

The Logon field should need to have Number that is highlighted in a Red square in the Cloudcall portal screenshot.

To get the password you need to click Show which is highlighted in Green in the Cloudcall Portal screenshot. Once show is clicked a password will be displayed which needs to be copied into the field highlighted in Green above.

The number highlighted in the Blue needs to be entered into the ID/Extn/No: which is also highlighted in Blue in the third screenshot.


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Using Cloudcall (How to make a Phone Call)

Device Selection upon Login

When logging in you may be presented with a window where you select the device (phone) you wish to dial from within Influence. To add new devices to the drop down you need to go to the CloudCall portal.

Making a Phone Call

Once Cloudcall is configured with Influence using it is very simple. You need to find the contact you wish to call using the normal searching procedures available.

There are two ways to action a call using Cloudcall. 

1.       The first is to click directly on the phone number stored against the contact.

 2.       The second method is to click the Phone icon next to any telephone number you wish to call. 

Both methods will open the Journal Entry window as normal. From here all you need to do is click the [Dial] button. This will then call the chosen number and then make the selected device (ie your phone) ring.

While the phone is dialling out the [Dial] button will disappear and a new [End] button will appear. To end the call click the [End] button.


When the call has been ended a journal entry will be stored for the contact. Cloudcall record all calls which are stored on their servers for 30 days. These will be accessible through the journal entry.


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Playing Back Call Recordings

Call recordings can be played back directly from the Cloudcall portal. For more information about using the portal and managing your recordings please consult the Cloudcall documentation.

From within Influence it is possible to play back recorded calls from the [Journals] workbench. Just search for the journal you want, and click the small speaker icon next to the call to play back the recording.

It is also possible to play back an individual call by opening the Journal, and clicking the [Play] button at the bottom of the Journal Entry screen.

For more information please contact our Sales team or 
call us on 01372 365 716

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 If you see the error like the one below, i.e.

No devices have been found to connect to - Add Devices using the Cloud-Call Portal

Then the solution is to login to your Cloudcall Portal, find the user in question, click on 'configure' and then 'click devices'. It is likely you will find no devices under 'list of devices' (refer to 'Setting Up Your Cloudcall Users' section above) - you must add one via 'add a new Device'. The number you enter here is usually the same as the Number from the 'information' tab. Add this device and you should then see this added under 'list of devices'. 

Now logout/in Influence and you should should no longer receive this error.

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