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CV Import Guide

CV Import Guide - Candidates

This guide explains the methods for getting candidate CVs into the Influence database. there are several methods for doing this, and each method is explained below: The four options are

- Import a single CV
- Import names/addresses from an Excel Sheet
- Import multiple CVs from a folder
- import multiple CVs from a mailbox (email folder)


1) Importing a Single CV/Candidate

The 'normal' method for importing a candidate is to Drag/Drop a CV onto the [Candidates] workbench of your Influence Professional Database. As soon as you drag a *.doc, *.pdf, *.txt or *.rtf file onto the system, Influence will open a new candidate record, parse the CV for skills, and attempt to extract the name, address and email from the document.

Once the CV has finished processing users can manually edit or amend any of the details, then press [OK] to store and save the new candidate into the database.

2) Importing a Batch of Candidate Names & Addresses from Excel

If you have a list of candidate names & addresses, then it is possible to import these into the database. The Influence Professional software will read the content of the excel spreadhseet and create multiple candidate records within the database.

Whilst the candidates will not have any CV documents stored, it is often useful for importing lists of people who you may then contact to obtain CVs and update accordingly.

To import candidates from Excel, login as the ADM (admin) user, or a user with access to 
Maintenance > Tools > Candidate import from MS Excel.

Choose the option, which will open a screen with details of the required file layout.
Press the [New] button at the bottom left of the screen to open an MS Excel Template.
Copy/Paste the relevant information underneath the column headings but leave the headings as they are, i.e. UPPER CASE. 

Once you have completed the MS Excel sheet, save the sheet as a 97-2003 *.xls file (the newer *.xlsx format will not work!)

From the candidate improt tool press [Next] and when prompted for a spreadsheet location, drag/drop the saved sheet onto
the [File location:                 ] field.

Press [OK] to import the candidate records into the database, then [Cancel] when completed. 


3) Importing a Batch of Candidate CVs from a Folder

It is common for recruiters to have a folder full of CVs stored as *.doc or *.pdf files. It is possible to get the Influence Professional database to import these into the system, save the CVs and create candidate records.
(See full guide HERE )

 In essence:
i) Choose Maintenance > Tools > Import Candidates
ii) When prompted, select a folder containing the CVs, by entering the path or using [...] to browse to the folder.
iii) Set any of the other parameters (eg STATUS, ENQ. Source, Owner) then press [OK]

The system will then copy the CVs to a temporary folder on the server, process the CVs and produce a 'preview' list.
Pressing [Import] at the stage will then create the candidate records in the database. 


4) Importing a Batch of Candidate CVs from a Mailbox (email Folder)

Your Influence Professional software allows you to import multiple candidate CVs from an email folder or mailbox as a single process.
This can be done in the following way.

1) Login to Influence and choose [Maintenance] at the bottom left of the workbench, then choose Tools > Candidate Import

2) Click the [...] at the end of Source Directory to open a directory into which can copy all the CVs you wish to import. (The documents should be MS Word Docs, Text files, or PDFs only).If you want you can create another folder for these CVs, and then just update the Source Directory   e.g.  \\yourserver\Influence_docs\Import_Candidates\New_Folder  (replace 'youserver' with the actual name of your Influence server machine) 

3) Complete the rest of the on-screen form with details about the import;Source Directory: \\yourserver\Influence_Docs\Import_Candidates\YourFolder
Set Status: RAW     
Set Enq Source: ???    (Can be used to indicate where all the CVs came from, eg TJ=Total Jobs)
Set Owner: ???      (Normally your own ID, but could be another consultant)
Set Role: ????        (Can be used to set the ROLE for all the imported candidates)

Click OK and wait.
Depending upon the size/complexity of the CVs being imported it can take some time to complete. Whilst the system will handle many hundreds of CVs in this way, we would recommend using batches of 40-50 at a time to limit the amount of time spent waiting.

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