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SMS Setup

Your Influence Professional system has the ability to send SMS text messages to candidates or contacts, and to record these Messages as Journals within the system. It is possible for Candidates/Contacts to reply to these messages and for Influence to receive & Import these replies into the system, and to create an Alert in your Alert Manager.

As at 01/01/2019 (Onwards) our preferred SMS TEXT supplier is Firetext

When using Firetext as the SMS supplier several additional features are available such as Scheduled SMS sending, and the ability to send PDF files as attachments on text messages.

For specific info about setting up the system to work with FIRETEXT please see our article

Options for SMS Sending/Configuration.

JNL Text(17) may now be both Text and Number separated by a semicolon (e.g. INFLUENCE;07888777666). If set this way, then the repliable option will be given in Journals and Macro manager.

JNL Integer(18) can be set as a threshold for balance messages. If set to 0 will always show the balance after sending. If set to anything else, a low credit warning will be displayed when the remaining credits go below the threshold. ]

SMS Providers

Your Influence database can integrate with a number of SMS providers to give users the ability to send SMS (Text) messages directly from within the Database. Our preferred provider is Firetext as they provide the best & most economical service. Other providers are listed below:   (Click a supplier to jump to that section)

Firetext (Preferred)

- BulkSMS (The default for older systems)

Icetrak  (An alternative to the above)

Text Local  

Text Marketer 


As our preferred supplier, we have a dedicated guide for setting up the integration with Firetext. Simply click below to see the guide.

Firetext Setup Guide

Firetext is our leading supplier because of advanced features such as SMS scheduling, ability to attach PDF documents to an SMS message and the ability to upload a database of names/mobile numbers so that replies can show the NAME of the responder.


This was originally the preferred supplier, but has now been supplanted by Firetext. This integration can still be used, but does not provide as many facilities as Firetext.


When using Icetrak as your SMS supplier messages are submitted to Icetrak as an email (which they then turn into an SMS message).

Journals, Flag(10)
This needs to be set to I (Icetrak)
JNL, Text(7)
This needs to be left <Blank>
This needs to be left <Blank> - The system will then look at the email address on the UserID to use as the 'Login' for Icetrak.

NB:  If an email address IS set for this parameter, then every user will submit messages to the Icetrak API using this value instead.
This needs to contain the 'PIN' for the API, and will be used for all users. (Hence why it is the same for all user in Icetrak's setup)

1) We send SMS messages to Icetrak using the API (As part of the call to the API we need to send userID, API 'PIN' and message itself with Mobile No)

2) They turn this into an SMS and send it on to the mobile; they keep a record of the user/email that sent the message.

3) If the recipient replies to the text, then Icetrak will send an email containing the reply to any 'user' (email) that has sent a message to that number in the last 24Hrs 

PLUS If you speak to Icetrak and request it they can also send a copy of the reply as a nominated email  e.g.

(NOTE: When determining where to send replies, Icetrak can setup certain rules, such as

"Replies will be sent to the email address which has most recently sent a message to that number. IF there have been no messages to the number within 24hrs, then they look back over the last 7-days and send emails to any users who have sent messages in the last 7 days.")

Text Local

This SMS provider is not commonly used, and so no specific guidance for system setup has been written. Please contact us if you wish to use this supplier.

Text Marketer

Text Marketer can be used as an SMS provider, setting the following parameters

Journals, Flag(10)
This needs to be set to T (TextMarketer)
JNL, Text(7)
This needs to be left <Blank>
Needs to be checked - may not be correct
This needs to be left <Blank> - The system will then look at the email address on the UserID to use as the 'Login' for Icetrak.

NB:  If an email address IS set for this parameter, then every user will submit messages to the TextMarketer using this value instead.
This needs to contain the password for yourTextMarketer Account.
This need to be left BLANK  (It can be used for API integration instead of 


See below for Older Systems - Setup using BulkSMS as the Text Supplier

 What you Will Need

  • You will need to create an account at, and pay for some texts
  • You will need a Licence File for your influence system to allow it to integrate with the web site.
  • (There are two versions; Basic SMS allows you to send SMS messages, Premium SMS allows you to send SMS messages and receive replies in Influence)

(Licences are priced per user per year – each user that needs to send SMS texts from Influence will need a licence)

  • You will need to setup the Parameters in Influence so that it knows the username/password for the web site for sending SMS messages.
  • You will need to decide which users you wish to allow to send SMS messages.


1)   Setting up your BulkSMS account.

Go to

Click the REGISTER button and create a new account. (Note the username/password you setup)

Having setup your account, login to the web site, and from the “My Account” page, choose the option “Change Sender ID”.

Change this to something sensible (e.g. XYZ Recruitment Ltd)

Finally, buy some credits and then log out of the web site.

2)   Setting up your Influence system.

Call Influence support, and request (buy) a licence file for either the Basic or Premium SMS system.

We will email you a licence file (named PCG_Lic.txt). Save this onto your desktop

Login to Influence as the Administrator (ADM) user. Choose Links >> Install Licence File

Drag & Drop the PCG_Lic.txt file from your desktop onto the Licence File path, and click OK.

The system will then import the licence file.

Next go to the parameters section

(Depending if you are using Influence Classic or Influence PRO this will be in Tools >> Database Management >> Parameters   or   Maintenance> Setup > Parameters )



Then choose File > Open, and select JNL – Journals.

Select the FLAGS tab, and set parameter 10 to “B”

Select the TEXT tab, set parameter 14 to the User_ID from the BulkSMS web site.

Select the TEXT tab, set parameter 15 to the Password from the BulkSMS web site.

Select the TEXT tab, change parameter 18 from +44 to 44 (i.e. No plus.)

Then Click OK, to save the parameters, and log out of the Influence system.

1)   Controlling which users can send SMS messages

Login to Influence as the Administrator (ADM) user.

Choose Maintenance > Setup> User profiles.

Select each user in turn, go to the ACCESS & CONTROL tab, and tick the “Allow use of Bulk SMS” box for those users who are allowed this feature. Remember to tick Apply after each user.

When finished, click OK to save the changes, and log off of the system.



4)   Sending SMS Messages from Influence.

Select a record (Candidate or Contact), and either click their Mobile phone number from the list of Candidates/Contacts, or click drill into an individual record and click the Mobile Phone icon.

Having clicked the Journal icon, the system will pop-up a journal screen.

Create the Journal, typing a subject, and the body of the text.

Ensure that the Method is set to SMS Text Message.

If you want replies, then remember to tick the SMS is Repliable tick box.

Then click OK to send the SMS and record the journal in Influence.


6)   Receiving SMS replies into Influence.

If you are using a TRIAL licence  - You will need to import any SMS replies into Influence manually

Choose Links >> Get Bulk SMS replies.

This will then search for replies on the BulkSMS web site, and will use these to create TASKS against the originating Journal entry in Influence.

These imported tasks will show in the Alert manager (in Bright Yellow)

They can then be handled, re-scheduled or postponed just like any other task.


If you are using the full version of the Premium SMS system, then the manual import is not necessary. Influence support will setup an automatic (daemon) process that constantly scans for SMS replies and imports them into influence without the need for user intervention.


If you change your login or password to the BulkSMS web site you must also change the parameters in Influence so that you will be able to login.

If you have any queries or problems, please contact Influence Support for help.

Tel: 0845 371 5273


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