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Phone Systems Integration List

Influence can integrate with numerous phone systems, below is how to configure and use the relevant software:

Cloud Call  (formerly Synety)

How to Setup and Use Cloudcall

(Note: Cloudcall is our preferred solution and offers features and facilities that cannot be matched by other service providers)

Voicenet (now acquired by 8x8)

Configure VoiceNet with Influence

Configure Consultants in Influence

Using VoiceNet in Influence

Note: voicenet was acquired by 8x8 in2013. You can find out more at 


Configure Foehn with Influence

Configure Consultants in Influence

Please speak with the Influence team on 0845 371 5273 if you want any more information about these phone packages.

Or email Influence support if you have any issues with configuration and setup.

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