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Filter Bookings by booking type

Filter the Bookings workbench by Booking Type

(Influence Version or later)

The [Bookings] workbench allows you to easily see a visual overview of the TEMP bookings you have made.
The new multi-selector for Booking type allows you to filter the Master Planner by Booking Type.

For example, if you only want to see candidates with a specific availability "this Week" then you can use the planner to display only candidates with the selected booking types in the planner during the selected date range.

(Screen showing candidates "this week"  with 9am-1pm <or> AM available <or> EARLY Shift <or> Cancelled bookings)

To select multiple booking types to display, simply click multiple items in the booking type selector to the left of the workbench.
When an item is selected a small dot appears in the coloured square to indicate it is selected.

The Empty tick box at the bottom right can be used to display a row showing empty/unfilled bookings


Selecting "AM Available", "PM Available" and "Sickness" using the multi-selector for Booking Types will then show only candidates with one of those three booking types during the selected display period.



Along with this change to allow selection of multiple booking types, the system has also been amended so that moving forwards one week using the '>>' arrows will remain in the future week until either (a) a new Date Range is selected <OR> (b) a new 'Favourite View' is chosen.

This change makes it easier to move forward a week or two, then check the bookings for various clients, simply by changing the "Company" filter , rather than having to scroll forward each time a change is made. it also makes Copying/Pasting bookings forward from one week to the next much easier.


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