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Explanation of Match dates

Explanation of Match Dates

 Explanation of “Dates” selection on [Matches] Workbench

When looking at a MATCH record using the [Matches] workbench there are various dates which a user might wish to filter by – hence why there is a drop-down box offering a choice. An explanation of these dates is given below.


Attended, booked and Checked
These dates are taken from the MATCH record itself and can be seen by drilling into the Match record and looking at the bottom Left.

Is the date seen on the ‘Interview’ page of the Match record  (eg 20/02/2012)



Created Date:
This is the date the MATCH record was actually created and can be seen by clicking the blue (i) at the top of a Match record.


Status Change

Looks for records where the status was changed to the selected status during the date range.
It can be seen using the purple (i) at the bottom of a match record.

This is used in combination with the ‘Status’ filter on the [Matches] workbench.
e.g.  Status = OFF             Date Type=Status Change            Date: 10/01/2014 – 17/01/2014

This would list any matches which were changed to a status of “OFF” between 10th-17th Jan.


Vacancy Start Date:
This looks at the Start Date(s) as shown at the top of the Vacancy Record. Matches to any vacancy which was running during those dates will be displayed.


Placement start:
This refers to the Start Date held on the ‘Placement’ page of the Match Record.


For more information please contact support.

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