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CV Import from Emails (Batch)

If you are using a recent version of the newer (Influence Professional) software, then you have a new tool which allows the import of multiple CVs from your email. This document describes how to use the new feature. (Note: We recommend a Max. 250 CVs per batch )

  1. Choose the Toolbox option and select the Mailbox CV Tool.
  2. Open your Outlook email, and select several emails (Ctrl click) which have CVs attached. Drag/Drop the emails onto the Influence Mailbox CV Tool.

Option: If you expand the MS Outlook folder at the top of the “favourites” bar, you can select a particular folder of your email. If you then click the [GO] button at the bottom left of the screen it will scan the entire folder looking for emails with attachments which can be imported as CVs.


  1. The system will then list all the emails that have been dropped onto the system. Place a tick next to any of the documents which you wish to be imported as CVs, then click the [OK] button (bottom right)

TIP >> Click on the column title “CV?” to tick ALL the items and treat them as CVs.


  1. The system will then pre-process these documents. This may take a while depending how many documents are being processed. Please be patient. Once processed you will be presented with a grid displaying details of each CV which has been pre-processed. Any duplicates will show in the grid.

 Clicking on any row of the grid will display a preview of the CV in the lower pane. You may edit the information in the grid such as Forename, Surname or Address to correct any errors or omissions from the pre-processing.

NOTE: Any values entered into the fields at the top of the screen, such as Enq.Srce or Role will be used as the default value for all CVs in this batch.  e.g. Setting the Role = SLX would set the Role for all imported candidates in this batch to ‘SLX’.

  1. Optional – At this point you can use the [Select] button to choose a vacancy and the system will then match all candidates in this batch to the selected vacancy.

  1. When happy with the pre-process grid, any vacancy you may have selected, and the STATUS for candidates created via this batch upload, simply click [Import]
    The system will then process each candidate in turn and load their CV, match to the selected vacancy (if applicable) and set the Status of the candidate to RAW (unless another status has been chosen)



  1. The imported candidates will have the purple candidate symbol shown in the P column. You can open the candidate record by clicking the purple candidate icon. This gives you the opportunity to go through each imported candidate, review any Key Codes (skills) that have been assigned, and then set the status to LIVE to indicate that they have been fully skilled/reviewed.

TIP: You can also open the originating email by clicking the email icon or the original CV document by clicking the white page icon.

  1. When you have finished processing the batch of CVs, click the [Cancel] button to exit the CV tool, and then select the relevant system area from the workbench tabs on the left


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