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IQ Reports: How to Install an IQ Report

How to Install an IQ Report

This article explains the process of downloading and installing an I-Query (IQ) report for your Influence Professional database.

Installing an IQ Report

1) Logon to the Influence Knowledgebase and search to find the relevant article/IQ report.
Download the report attached to the article and save in onto your desktop or PC


2) Open Influence Professional and select the [I-Query] workbench.

Then simply Drag & Drop the file onto the screen and the system will then install the report.
Press [Refresh] to update the screen and display the newly installed report.

The  [I-Query] workbench can be found by selecting  [Admin] at the bottom left, the choosing [I Query]

Note: Standard Influence reports are shown with the purple (i) Influence logo.

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