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IQ Report - Placements by Candidate Enquiry Source

Placements by Candidate Enquiry Source (IQ Report)


This report allows you to select a range of placements made between two dates and see the Enquiry Source of the placed candidates.


Notes/Special Features

The report relies on the fact that the Enquiry source is recorded on the candidate record, otherwise it will be reported as "unknown"
The report selects placements where the associated MATCH record has a status opf 'PLA' (Placed) - matches at other statuses will not be reported.
The 'Consultant' listed on this report is the consultant associated with the MATCH record (which is the same consultant as seen on the 'Interview' page of the placement record.)


The report can be installed on Influence Professional systems from version or later by downloading the report attached to this article, then Dragging/dropping the report onto the [I Query] workbench within the [Admin] section of the system. For more information about installing IQ Reports, please Click Here


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