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Influence Diary Updates -

The Influence diary was updated in version of the software with various functionality changes to improve the performance.

The most predominant change is that you can filter by a variety of options using the menu in the bottom right:


Appts: Refers to the normal diary appointments

1,2,3: First, second and third stage interviews will display with the relevant interview dates

Book: You can now see all your bookings on the diary

Vac: Shows the start date range for vacancies

Task: Shows upcoming and previous tasks

Jnl: Lets you see all journals created on a specific day. Drilling into a record will change the diary format so you can use the layout buttons to revert to the previous setup:

Start & End: Shows the start and end dates for a contract


All of these options can be drilled into to give access to related contacts, candidates, vacancies or clients (if they are linked):


You can also filter on your records only if other consultants details are not required:

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