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Groups - Within a Candidate Search

Newer version of Influence Professional (after v1.00.15.020) have the ability to include GROUPS in the candidate search. This allows you to run a candidate search from a vacancy, then filter the results through any pre-defined groups you may have created.
For information about Groups click here

Groups filter Within Candidate Search

From within a vacancy select the MATCH page, then click the [Search] button at the bottom left to start a new candidate search.
Within the search you will see that there is a new Tab at the top of the search, labelled Groups.
If you choose that tab, then you will be able to select up to 8 of your existing candidate Groups, and then filter the search to include only candidates who are members of those Groups and satisfy any other search criteria.



Example of filtering a Search using Groups

On the  Normal tab of the search you may have specified 15 miles from RH1 (using Distance Mode)
On the Groups page you may have selected 'Managers', 'Java Programmers' or 'Web Developers' Groups

The search will return candidates within 15 miles of RH1 who are members of the Managers, Java Programers or Web Developers Groups.


Creating a Group from a Candidate Search

Using the new Groups page of a candidate search it is also possible to create a new group based on the search results.
Simply TICK any of the candidates you would like in your new group, then use the Groups page of the search to specify a name for the new group and click the [# Add] button.


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