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Vacancy Status updating Match Status

It is possible to configure your system in such a way that updating the status of a Vacancy can automatically update the status of other matches on the vacancy. This is often useful for example when a vacancy is Withdrawn by a client, and you may want to set the status of all the matches to 'Suspended'


Vacancy Status:   

You can determine which vacancy statuses will automatically update the matches. It is controlled by one of the EXTRA Numeric fields (UPD on Change) on the Vacancy Status [904] code table. Simply place a 1.0 in this column next to any Vacancy Status which will need to update these matches.

To edit the Code table, login as the 'ADM' user and select Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables. Select system Area as C - Contact Management then choose the code table Vac Status Code (904) 

Suspended Match Status:   

Using Maintenance > Setup > Parameters, you can determine which Status the matches will be set to.
Set parameter ENIGMA, Text (17) - Match/Interview Suspend Status for Vacancy and choose the status you wish to set the matches to. 


From V1.00.23.090 or later

Automatic Email when Vacancy Status changed from Selected Statuses

A new feature has been introduced to allow users to specify that the system should offer an email (journal) to the vacancy contact whenever a vacancy is moved off of certain statuses.

Against each Vacancy Status Code [904] is is possible to specify a *Call Type and to say whether the system should create an email when a vacancy is changed TO the selected status <or> changed FROM the selected status.


You may wish to get the system to pop-up an email template every time a vacancy is changed OFF of "LIVE" status so that you can contact the client and ask them for feedback about your performance.

How it works

Within Vacancy Status [904] code table, specify the Call Type to use with an asterisk (*) followed by the Call Type to use.

Use the Jnl on Change From column to indicate which statuses trigger this, and put a 1.0

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