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Edit or Create an Email Template (Journal Template - Jnl V2)

This article describes how users can edit or personalise existing email templates or add new templates within their Influence system.

Editing an Email from the Template Editor

You can click on the Maintenance > Tools > Template editor to get to the Journal and Word templates.

Editing an Email from the Journal Entry screen

The easiest way to edit/amend an email template is from the Journal Entry screen when you are actually creating the email.

Whenever you click on an email address in Influence, the Journal Entry screen appears. You would normally select a Call Type and then choose a Temp (Template). You can then edit/amend the body of this template to contain the words you wish to send this time.

If you wish to edit the actual Template which appears each time, then you can do so in the following way.
This same process can be used to create a NEW template if no template already exists.

1) Choose a Call Type  using the 'Type' drop-down then click the blue [Edit] button that appears at the right hand side next to the chosen 'Template'
This will open the Template Editor screen.
Note: Not all users have access to the 'edit' button. This can be controlled on their User record in System maintenance>User Profiles.


 2) When the Template Editor window appears, you can do several things.
(i) If you want to edit the existing template simply amend the text in the large white area, then click [Apply] / [OK] when done.

(ii) If you wish to create an additional template as well as the original, click the [Copy] button at the bottom of the screen.
This will create a copy of the original template, but will set the OWNER to your UserID, and set it as Personal (). You can change this to Global if you wish the additional template to be available for all users.

(iii) If you are creating a NEW template and there was no 'original' in the first place, then there is no need to [COPY] - simply type the content of your new template into the large white space in the Template Editor window. You can choose any MERGE fields you want in the tmeplate (such as Candidate forename/Surname) by using the [Catalogue] section at the left of the screen.

3) Check the Scenario (top right) to make sure that it is correct, then edit the main body to show the words you would prefer as your personal version of this template. If you wish to use merge-fields from the database you can choose these from the Influence Catalogue shown at the left-hand side of the screen. To choose a field simply expand the relevant item using the [+], the double-click on the information you wish to insert into your template.

4) Ensure you give your template a Description (bottom left) - this is simply an internal name that you see so that you know which template you are choosing. Also make sure the Subject is correct - this is the bit that will go into the Subject line
of the email when it is passed to MS Outlook.

5) Finally, when done, press [Apply] / [OK] and you will be returned to the Journal Entry screen.


It is also possible to auto attach word templates to a journal template. When an email is sent the word template document will be generated and sent with the email.

To attach a word template click the [...] and select the appropriate template.

More information about creating word templates can be viewed HERE.


Note: This description and set of screenshots relate to systems using Journals Version2. Older systems use a previous
version (Journals Version1), in which the Template editor screens look the same, but the Journal entry screen is slightly different.

Please see this article (Click here) for a screenshot showing the older style of Journal Entry Screen.


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