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Essential Knowledge - Basic User Guide

Attached is the Essential Knowledge Guide.

This is a basic user guide and explains how to use the basic functions of the Influence Professional database.
After reading the guide users should be able to use the database for basic tasks such as adding companies, contacts and vacancies to the database, registering CVs and creating candidates and matching candidates to vacancies.

NOTE: The attached file can be opened by scrolling to the bottom of this document and then opening the file.


1. Recruitment System – Process Overview Diagram

2. Adding a new client/company

3. Adding a new contact

4. Logging calls (Contacts)

5. Sending Emails (Contacts)

6. Log Calls / Send emails (Candidates)

7. Attachment Manager (Send any file, anywhere)

8. Adding a Vacancy

9. Registering a candidate CV on the system

10. Sending Candidate CVs

11. Vacancy – Searching for Candidates

12. Managing candidate matches, sending CVs & Booking interviews

13. Managing your Matches

14. Mailshots and e-shots

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