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Connections - Setup and Use

From version onwards there is a new 'Connections' feature.
This allows you to record connections for Candidates/Contacts/Companies, such as

...has worked for a Friend of a colleague of

For example, you might want to record that several of your candidates are already 'known' by one of your main business contacts (perhaps they all worked together at a former employer)

Using Connections

Adding a Connection

These connections can be created using the new 'Connections' icon in the toolbar at the top of the record, e.g.

-  Go into a Candidate (or a contact) record and click the connections icon in the toolbar.

- Click [Add] and then use the drop-down to select the type of connection you want to add (e.g. Is a friend of, has worked for, would like to work for, etc.)

- Having chosen the type of connection, click the [Select] button to choose the relevant Candidate/Contact/Company to link them with.


Search using a Connection

Having added connections it is possible to search the workbench using these connections as part of the filter criteria.

e.g. You may want to find all of the Candidates in your system who are 'Known By' a particular contact or manager.

- Go to the [Candidates] workbench, and click the [...] in the Connect filter.

- Choose the type of connection you want to look for, e.g. 'Known by' or 'is a friend of'

- Click the Select button to choose the who they need to be 'known by' or 'a friend of'.

When you hit [Refresh] or [Go] on the workbench, the system will search for people who have the relevant connections.

Setup New Connection Types

The system is shipped with several connection types by default, but it is possible to define your own connections.  If you have suitable privileges (or are able to login as the ADM user) it is possible to add new connection types to your database.

New connection types can be added in the following way.

Choose Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables.
Select System Area as C - Contact Management, then choose code table Connections [429]
Ensure that the Extra Info box at the bottom of the screen is ticked. 


Scroll to the bottom of the existing items and add a new item

Code: Enter a 4-digit code for the new connection type you wish to add

Description: Enter a description for this connection, eg is a colleage of, worked with.

Note: For some connections the description can be different depending which way round it is, for example
John Smith was employed by ABC Products Ltd   but   ABC Products Ltd Employed  John Smith
In these cases, you need to separate the two different descriptions with a PIPE symbol (|)
e.g.  was employed by|employed

Rules: This is used to specify which objects can be linked together with this connection.
The possible objects are CAND, CONT, COMP, SITE  (Candidate, Contact, Company or Site)
Because the relationships can be reciprocal, you will need to use a PIPE (|) between the two sides

e.g. Cand/Cont|Cand/Cont     (i.e. one Candidate or Contact, is a colleague of another Candidate or Contact)
or  Cand/Cont|Comp/Site     (i.e. a candidate or contact was employed by a Company or Site)


 If you need help with this it is best to contact our support team who can assist with adding new items to this table.







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