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IQ Report - Umbrella Company Workers

Candidates working through an Umbrella company (IQ Report)


This report will list details of any canddiate who has been setup on the 'Financial' tab of their record as working via an Umbrella company.  (NB: On some systems the 'Financial' tab is labelled as 'Controls' within the candidate record)


Notes/Special Features

This report looks at the Candidate file and uses the Umbrella Company name shown on this page.
It relaies on the fact that these details are all stored in the Company Trade Details file - on older systems they may not be using the Company trade details file, so the system would require some changes to the parameters/settings before this report would work.



The report can be installed on Influence Professional systems from version or later by downloading the report attached to this article, then Dragging/dropping the report onto the [I Query] workbench within the [Admin] section of the system. For more information about installing IQ Reports, please Click Here


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