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Compliance - Dependent Items facility

From software version (or later) it is possible to setup dependent items within the compliance section of the Influence professional software.

  Once configured correctly it makes it possible to setup a compliance item such that it is not possible to tick/complete the item until several others upon which it is dependent have been completed.

For more information about creating compliance items, click HERE. For information about using the Compliance Workbench click HERE.

You may have compliance items for;
Certificate of Incorporation, Public Liability Insurance and OK-to-Work as Contractor

Using the dependent items facility within the Compliance system you can setup the system so that you cannot tick 'OK-To-Work as Contractor' until both Cert of Incorporation <AND> Public Liability Insurance have been completed (ticked)


How to Setup Dependent Items within the Compliance system

Choose Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup
Once the option opens, select or create the Compliance item, then choose the 'Dependents' tab at the top right.
(To add a new compliance item, simply click the [+]  icon at the top left, then enter a requirement code.)

On this tab it is possible to LINK a compliance item to up-to 10 other items which are dependent upon this item.
i.e. Until you have completed this item you will be unable to complete any of the dependent items to which it is linked.


See example below.

In this example the compliance item PAR - Parent will *not* be able to be ticked as complete unless the item DEP1 has previously been ticked as completed.



You may have compliance items setup as below, where the OK to work as a GP cannot be ticked until you have
ticked GMC Registration No and Public Liability Insurance.

OK To work as a GP.                                      [   ]
GMC Registration Number        [Ref-12345]    [   ]
Public Liability Insurance.                              [   ]


In this case GMC Registration Number and Public Liability Insurance should both have the item "OK To Work as a GP"
set as one of their dependent items.





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