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Minimum Wage Change Process

On October 1st 2015 the UK minimum wage changed to (£6.70/Hr)
Further changes will occur on 1st April in subsequent years (2016, 2017, 2018..etc)
To help you deal with this change there are a couple of useful IQ reports which can be run in the system. You can find these reports for download by searching for Minimum wage or looking on the IQ Reports section of this support site.

a) For the Bookings Below Minimum report click HERE
b) For the Rates Below Minimum Report, click HERE

You can also setup your system to WARN if a user tries to make a booking which is below the allowed minimum wage. See the article about how to set these minimum wage warnings HERE

You should check the Minimum Wage rates on the government web site:

The reports will list;

a)      Any BOOKINGS which have been created where the BASIC Pay rate is below a minimum value entered by the user.   

b)      Any RATES agreements (with clients) where the BASIC Pay rate is below minimum value entered by the user.   

You can find details of the UK Minimum Wage on the government web site:

How to Run the Reports

Login as the userID “ADM” (or a suitably privileged user)

From the bottom left choose [Admin] then select the [I Query] workbench and expand the relevant folder.

The 'Bookings Below Minimum" report can be found in the [Candidate Booking Records] section.
The 'Rates Below Minimum" report can be found in the [Booking Rates] section.

Select the report then click the [Run] button at the bottom left.

When prompted choose to RUN the report to the workbench. When finished, click [Cancel] then click on the name of the report again to display the results. You will need to go and edit these bookings.


How to setup New (minimum) Rates

You should run the Rates below Minimum report to identify any Rates you have setup in the system that are below the new UK minimum level. Once you have identified these rates, you should go and create new rates which are above the level, with a suitable 'effective' date.

1) Find the existing Rate which is below minimum and open the Rate record.

2) Set the effective Date as the date where the new Minimum rate becomes effective (e.g. 01/04/2018)

3) Make changes to the actual Rates in the grid.

4) Press [OK] - The system will display a message asking if you wish to create a NEW set of rates based upon these changes
Say YES to this.

Notes: There are several places where you may find Rates and need to update these to reflect the new UK Minimum.

- On the Candidate Record (for workers who have their own specific rates for a Role)

- On the Company Record (for specific agreements with a particular company)

- On the SITE record (if there are specified rates at different Sites/branches)

- On the Booking Requirement (if you are using Booking Requirements then you *may* have rates set on the requirements.)

- On the Global (system) overall Rates (these are the 'standard' rates which you charge as an agency; they can be found in
Maintenance > Tools > Pay & Charge Rates


How to Update/Amend Existing Bookings.

You should run the 'Bookings below Minimum' report to identify bookings after the date of the change which fall below the new minimum wage. Once you have identified these bookings you should then go and correct these items.

a) Find the existing booking, open the booking record. Click on the [Role] drop-down, change the role, then Re-select the original
role. This will force the system to re-read the rates for the booking and they will be updated to reflect any newly applicable rates.

b) If the booking 'straddles' the change date, then you may want to Cancel any booked days after the change date, then re-book them.


If the Min Wage changed on 01/04/2018 to £8.50/Hr
John Smith is booked to Work from 30/03/18 - 05/04/2018, at £7.85  (i.e. Below the new minimum wage)
You could CANCEL the booking From 01/04/18, and then Re-book those days at the new rate (£8.50)

So, John will be paid £7.85/Hr on 30th/31st March, and £8.50/Hr for the remainder of the booking.









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