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IQ Report - How to Run an IQ Report

[ℹ️]  On newer systems (ver or later) it is possible to run IQ reports directly into the workbench. This allows you to view the output of the IQ report on screen, or export the content to MS excel if needed.

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How to Run a Report

Displaying the Report Output

Exporting the Output to Excel

Adding the Results to a Group

To run a Report

Select the [Admin] option at the bottom left of the screen, then make sure to choose the  
 [I Query] workbench.
If you have any IQ reports defined or loaded, you will see a list of Folders displayed.

Select a folder to expand the list and display any reports associated with that folder/object.

Click to select a report, then press the [Run] button at the bottom left, or the 'play' button in the toolbar to run the report.
A popup box will appear prompting you where to run the report to - we usually recommend ( ) Workbench

The report will then run (You may be prompted for items such as dates or times, if needed by the report)

Note: If you have insufficient permissions to run the report you will receive the following error:

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How to display the report output

Once the report has completed running, you should press the [Cancel] button on the popup window.

Then re-select your report from the list of folders, and you will then see the output from the report, in the workbench.

If you do not do reselect the report the output on screen will not appear to change and will continue to display the results of the report from the last time it was run.

NOTE: By default (for speed) the system displays only the first 100 rows of the report - To see the full report drag the slider down, and the system will then go and get the rest of the report output.

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How to export the results to MS Excel

It is possible to export the report output into MS Excel for further analysis or printing.
To do this, click the MS Excel icon at the top of the screen - you may be prompted for a password to allow export.

⚠️ If you are prompted for a password please contact your company owner, Director or (internal) System Administrator who should know this password.

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How add the results to a Group

ℹ️ After version it is possible to use the results of an IQ report to create (or add to) a Group. This can be done by running the report to the workbench (as indicated above).

Once the report has been run and you can see the output on the screen, click the Groups icon in the toolbar and choose New Group or Group Manager

NOTE: In order to allow this functionality it has been necessary to disable the ability to right-click on a report and choose 'Execute' to run the report. You must run the report using the [Run] button at the bottom of the screen  or the  green Play ▶️ button in the toolbar.

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