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Attaching a Template Document to an email Template

From version (or later) it is possible to setup email templates which automatically attach a template document*
from the [Docs] tab of the relevant Candidate, Client or Vacancy record.


*Template documents are the items you see in the 10 "Slots" on the Docs page of any record.

When using Template Maintenance there are some new fields added to the Influence Catalogue at the left-hand side of the screen.

i) Select the Special Fields section from the Catalogue at the left hand side of the Template Editor Window.

ii) Find and double click the relevant 'Document' that you want to attach and put the field somewhere within the body of the email Journal.



A good example of this might be sending an Interview Confirmation email to the candidate, which automatically

attaches the Job Specification (Document 1) so they can re-read it prior to their interview.

For more information about creating email (Journal) templates, click HERE

[Key codes: Templates, attach template, add template document, add document to template.]

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