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BOOKINGS Workbench - MASTER Style

Bookings workbench - MASTER PLANNER

The Master Planner is designed to provide a quick easy-to-use way of booking temps, and is similar in use to a wall-chart or planner board that may have been used in older offices. Essentially you can list all of your Temps down the side of the board, and then make bookings for them.


All candidates flagged as ‘Temp’ are shown down the left

The list of candidates can be filtered using criteria at the top, e.g. Surname = BROAD, Cand Role = HGV

The palette allows you to choose an item then click on a cell square to apply the item to the selected cell,  e.g. “PM Available” and
place this on Tue 24th Nov.  [Bkd] is used to make a booking. Bookings can be 'Cancelled' by choosing [Canc] from the palette and clicking on the cell containing a booking. Cancelled bookings can be removed by choosing [ " " ] or can be re-booked by using [Bkd] and then clicking on the cell containing the cancellation.
(From v or later) It is not possible to put any other marker over the top of a cancelled booking - only remove or re-book are possible/

The [  ]All tick-box at the bottom left allows you to see ‘all’ candidates listed or only those with some form of booking or marker,
and is used in addition to any filters from the top of the screen.

The [  ] Empty tick-box will display the ‘Empty’ bookings row in the planner, where you can see any un-filled bookings which
have been entered where no candidate has yet been selected.

The Show drop-down menu at the bottom right allows you to display either a Distance, Status, ranking or consultant in the
column next to the candidate names (above it is showing distance in Miles)




Move Fwd/Back through the weeks by using the ƒ< or „> button at either end of Monday/Sunday.

The height of the rows can be increased/decreased using the [+]/[-] buttons at the bottom right near Click To and Show

Bookings can be marked as confirmed using the Click to drop down that shows ‘Palette in use’.

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