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BOOKINGS Workbench - Documentation Style

Documentation View

Use the Style criteria to select Documentation view. You can apply other filter criteria if you wish, such as Company or Postcode.


The system will display a list of candidates who have "worked" during the specified date range.
Using the Macro button at the top of the screen it is possible to pass these candidates into the macro manager and then send them emails or documents.

It is possible to choose which of these candidates are passed to the Macro Manager using the Select column at the right hand side of the screen.

This view is ONLY available if you are using Journaling version-2. Customers using the older Journaling-version 1 will not have this view.  You can check if you are using journalizing version 1 or 2 by looking at the design of the screen when you send a journal (email) from the system.

Version 2 looks like this

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