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BOOKINGS Workbench - Planner Style

NB: On newer systems using the 'TEMP CENTRE' this view style has been removed. There is no longer a 'Style' drop-down and it is not possible to select 'Planner'. Instead you can specify part of the Company name and provided you have selected "Side by Side" you can then page through all the companies beginning with the specified letters in the same way as the older 'Planner' style.

Tip: If you wish you can save a 'Favourite' view with a company name selected such as 'A' and simply amend the name whenever you want to page through particular companies.

Older systems => Planner Style

Use the style criteria to select Planner, then use the < or > arrows to move fwd/back through clients <OR> enter the company name in the Company criteria field. (e.g. Big Computers )

The candidates on the left show people who have worked at the selected Company/site.

The palette can be used to make bookings, record availability, etc, (same as Master planner screen)

The contact drop-down above the candidates can be used to select a specific contact that will be used when making a booking
if you choose [Bkd] from the palette.

Clicking the BOLD company name (e.g. Big Computers plc) will allow you to drill-in to the company screen

-      Other aspects the same as the Master Planner screen.

Tip: You may wish to setup a few Favourite Views for some of your biggest/busiest clients to allow quick access to see bookings at their site.

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