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How to Send an HTML Email Shot

How to Send an HTML email shot

Influence has the ability to send an HTML email/mailshot to a selection of contacts or candidates. This can be useful for sending newsletters, mail shots, Christmas cards, updates, etc. The benefit of an HTML email shot is that it can include pictures and graphical elements quite easily.

As an alternative you can run a search and export a list of candidates or contacts into a 3rd party mailing application such as Mailchimp. You can find out more about Exporting a Contact List.

Important: When using 3rd party services such as Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey etc, please check their Terms of Use for any acceptable usage. These services are given as illustrations only and are not in any way endorsed or recommended by Influence.

Sending an HTML Mailshot from Influence

Step 1

Create your email shot as a *.HTML file (many users get an outside agency to do this for them). Once you have your *.HTML file containing your mailshot, login to MS Outlook and create a new signature then copy/paste the content of your HTML email as the signature. Make a note of the name of the signature you have created, e.g. "Mailshot"
(Please refer to your MS Outlook help if you need information about creating email signatures)


Step 2

Login to Influence and from the bottom left of the workbench choose [Searching] then create either a Candidate or Contact search. Run the search an place a tick in the Inc column next to those to whom you wish to send the email shot.Give the search a name using the ‘Description’ box at the bottom centre of the screen.

Click the ‘Macro’ button at the top of the screen (icon looks like a Cog)
The system will open the macro manager and will allow you to send multiple emails to the chosen contacts/candidates.


Step 3

When the Macro Manager screen click the signature picker button (looks like a small MS Outlook icon) and add the signature that you created in Step 1 (e.g. "Mailshot"). To add it to Influence simply click the word <add> and over-type this with the name of your mailshot signature.

Next select a Call Type using the drop-down menu (often 'MCON' or 'MCAN') and then use the drop-down to select a template. If there is no template or if you wish to create a different template then click the 'Edit Template' button to open the template editor screen. when using the Template editor you may use the catalogue of fields at the left to choose information to merge into the mailshot such as the contact forename (choose Contact management Contacts >> Forename). Remember to give your template a description (bottom left) and a Subject (bottom centre). When finished editing the template click [OK] to return to the Macro Manager screen.


NB: On some older version of Influence the [Apply] / [Edit] buttons have icons rather than displaying the text label.

Step 4
From the Macro Manager screen you can see a list of contacts (Candidates) to whom the email will be sent. You can check one of the emails by clicking in the 'Done' column. This will pass the email into MS Outlook where you can check the content and layout before sending the email on. You may send all the rest of the emails by ticking the 'Batch' checkbox at the right then clicking the [OK] button.

When the emails are sent, they will use the ‘Signature’ you created as the body of the email and a separate email will be sent to all of the candidates/contacts in the Macro manager screen.

On older versions of Influence you will not have the signature picker button.
In this case the best way is to create a new Influence user called MAIL and associate this userID with the email signature you created.
Login to the database as the userID of MAIL and then create the mailshot as this user.

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