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BOOKINGS Workbench - Rate Check Style

Rate Check View

Use the style criteria to select Rate Check View.
If you wish you may use criteria to filter the results, such as the company name or the Postcode.

This shows details of days booked, including details about rates.
The TS column has a tick next to those records where a timesheet has been entered.


At the bottom right of the screen are some selection boxes for Paid, Billed, or All
These tick boxes can be used to restrict the view to display only booking records where the associated timesheet is at
the relevant stage.
e.g. To see only bookings where the Timesheets have been marked as "Billed" tick the relevant selection box.


The Week Nos [  ] tick box at the bottom right will change the display of the 'WC' column to show in a week-number style,
e.g.  2001534  (i.e. Week 34 of 2015)

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