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BOOKINGS Workbench - Summary Style

Summary View

Use the Style filter to select Summary

In this version the system displays actual bookings in Blue and it is possible to display either the Hours, the Start Time  or Margin.

After version, the screen also displays the 'Last Booking Date' for the candidate, which are colour-coded to indicate how 'urgent' it is.

Grey - Last booking is Last Week
Red/Pink - Last booking was This week
Pink - Last booking is Next Week.
Light Pink - Last booking is sometime in the future. (Further than next week)
<Blank> - The Last booking is more than 1 week ago.

NB: If using a "multi Office" system, then the summary screen will only display bookings made by the office as which you are currently logged in as.


Tip: This is a useful view to save as a Favourite View to show a summary of bookings this week or perhaps for a specific company this week.

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