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Unlock KPI Build

Sometimes when you try to run the "Build KPI" option within Influence, you may get a message stating

"KPI rebuild is currently being run by another user."


When a user runs the KPI rebuild option, a LOCK file is created. and removed when the process has completed.
If the process does not finish properly or there is a problem, it is possible that this lock file gets left behind and will need to be removed manually.
The following steps can be used to remove the lock file. 

NB: Before starting ensure that there are no users are currently rebuilding the KPIs.

1) Open windows file explorer on the database server, and find the ...\system folder.

2) Find the file called ...\system\KPILOCK-????  (where ???? is the system number, e.g. KPILOCK-0001)

3) Delete this file.

Once the Lock file has been removed, you will be able to run the Build KPI option.


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