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IQ Report - SMS User List

SMS User List (IQ Report)


This report will list details of UserID's which have been setup in Influence where the "Allow use of BulkSMS" flag has been ticked. This is useful to identify which users SMS licences have been allocted to.

If you have purchased 7 x user SMS licences, then the "Allow Use of SMS" flag can only be ticked against 7 userID's. If someone leaves, then you will need to untick the flag against their old UserID before you can allocate the licence to another user.  

This report helps you identify who currently has the licences allocated.

Notes/Special Features

The report looks at the Influence userID file.
It checks the "Allow Use of Bulk SMS" flag and will list users without this ticked.


The report can be installed on Influence Professional systems from version or later by downloading the report attached to this article, then Dragging/dropping the report onto the [I Query] workbench within the [Admin] section of the system. For more information about installing IQ Reports, please Click Here


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