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Add a new Influence Icon

Add a new Influence Icon to your Desktop

Adding a new influence icon to your desktop is something that you may need to do if you are installing a new PC or if you are using a new PC that has previously been used by another user. The steps to install a new KClient and create an icon are explained below. The icon is what you click in order to open the database.

Before you start.

Before you begin to install a new icon onto your desktop you will need to gather some information from another user who has a working Influence icon on their desktop. Right-click on the Influence icon and choose Properties > Connection then make a note of the settings for;

Server: ??????
Service Name: ???????   (Sometimes shows as "Connect to Service")


To Install the new icon

1) Open the internet on your PC and go to the Influence download site

Download the following files:-
64BitSetup17236.exe  (Only necessary if you are running 64 Bit version of Windows/Windows7)
K7Connector.exe if you are using Influence Direct  (This does not require any 64bit extensions)

2) Run the file KCSetupxxxxx.exe (or K7connector.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions.
(The xxxxx is the version number and may change)

Important: When installing the KClient software you must be logged onto your computer as a user with Administrator privileges.
Make sure that the radio button for Everyone who uses this Computer is selected.

If not do not install the software - you will need to logon to your computer as an administrator before installing the software.

Optional: If you have a 64Bit operating system such as Win7 64Bit you should install the 64Bit Extensions program 64BitSetup17236.exe
Run the program and follow the instructions accepting all the defaults.

4) Having installed the KClient software you can finally create an icon on your desktop.
Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose New -> KCML Client.
Complete the connection details using the information you noted earlier, i.e.

Connection Type: Connect to Server
Server: xxxxxxxxxxx   (whatever you noted earlier)
Login Type: Cache Password
Login: Influence  (or whatever you noted earlier)
Password: ???????????        - you will need to know this. Speak to your IT provider or system admin if you do not.

Connect to Service: xxxxxxxx  (whatever you noted earlier)


Advanced Setup

Having setup the KClient and installed an Influence icon on your desktop you should now make sure that the Cache Size and Location are set correctly.

Double-click the Influence icon to begin the login process. Once the Influence login screen appears displaying the purple Influence logo, click in the very top left corner of the window and choose 'Preferences' then select the CACHE tab.
On the CACHE tab make sure that size for the cache is 2mb (not 50mb) - If it is set to 50mb then reduce this to 2mb.

Also on the CACHE tab make sure the location for the cache is in a local folder on the C:\ drive of the local machine*,
e.g. C:\Temp\ADP_Cache 

* -This is not the case if you are using Thinhost, or if your Influence is accessed via a terminal server; in this case the cache should be located on a drive local to the Terminal server you are using to provide your desktop.



Once you have installed the KClient software and setup an icon, you should be able to double-click the icon on your desktop, and connect to the Influence database.

i) The first time you login, you may see a login screen with 1's/0's requesting the Password. In this case you will need to enter the password for the server. Subsequent logins will show a purple Influence logo, and you will be required to enter your UserID (often your initials)



ii) If you are unable to connect then you may need to add an exception to your firewall.
Please open your firewall software and add an exception for Port 790 of the Influence database server.
e.g. If your influence server is IP address, then you would need to add exception for, Port 790

NB: Some firewalls do not allow an exception for a specific port, in which case you should simply add an exception for the whole IP address.

iii) If you still cannot connect to the database, you may need to add some Programs as exceptions in your firewall/Anti-virus software.
Please add the following programs as exceptions.
KClient.exe, KService and KWebAdmin

iv) If you see the message Host Refused Connection it is likely that you have clciked the icon in the Task Bar at the bottom of your Win7 screen. This icon in the task bar will not work - please click the Influence icon on the desktop which will contain all of your credentials and will work correctly.


If you are using an older version ofMS Outlook (prior to 2007) you may need to install ClickYes. This is a small program that allows Influence to communicate with MS Outlook. Versions after Outlook 2007 will communicate directly provided that your Anti-virus software is up-to-date.

To install the ClickYes software do the following:

1) Go to, find and download the Software.Zip file.
Open this file and find Software\Clients\ExpressClickYes\ClickYesSetup.exe

2) Run the file ClickYesSetup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.
Once the file has been installed you will see a small ClickYes icon in the taskbar. Right click the icon and make sure that you have ticked the options for Start on Logon and Start Suspended


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