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Grid Refinement

Grid Refinement

From version (or later) it has been possible to apply Grid Refinement to a list of data displayed on
the workbench screens.

Creating Grid Refinement Templates

There are several ways in which new column refinements can be created, which are listed below.

1) By Adding a Favourite View

Every time you create a Favourite View the column layout associated with the view you created is added to the list of
possible grid refinements. e.g. Creating a favourite view for "Candidates Added This Week" which shows

(To find out more about Favourite Views click here.)

2) From a Shared View

The column layouts associated with any shared views will be available for you to select within Column Refinement.
These layouts cannot be edited/amended by users, but can be applied to any selection.
(For more information about Shared Views click here.)

3) By Adding a new Column Refinement (personal)

At the top right of the workbench there is a column refinement icon. (looks like a small grid)
Clicking the icon allows users to select/apply existing column refinements or to add new column refinements.
Column refinements added in this way are personal to the user, and are not associated with any particular view.

Step 1
Click on the Refine Column Selection icon

Step 2:
Once the list of Column Views opens, click the [+ ] icon at the top left of the popup screen.

Step 3:
Specify which information should be displayed by completing the [Column No] -
either specify a column to display the information or enter 0 (zero) to indicate the information is not required.

Once done, click [OK] to save/close your column refinement.


Using/Appling a Grid Refinement Template

Using grid refinement is very simple.
Use the workbench to search for any data you wish, and press [Refresh] or [OK] to return the results to the workbench.

To apply a grid refinement, simply choose the Refine Column Selections icon at the top right,
then choose any one of the stored column views.


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