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Influence Views (Standard Views)

From version (or later) you may notice the addition of Influence Views in the Favourites bar of the workbench.

These views are written and generated by Influence and are then available to all system users for each of the workbenches
([Candidates], [Companies], [Vacancies], etc.)

These views are standard across all systems and are managed and maintained by Influence as examples which are typically benefical to the widest selection of Influence users.

Screenshot below shows the Influence views for the VIEW user, which will become a Shared view upon logging out.


The Influence Views cannot be modified by users and are only maintained by Influence themselves.

If you wish to have your own view similar to one of these, then simply choose the Influence view you like, and then use the icons at the top right of the workbench to create your own Favourite view based upon this.     

In the same area of the Favourites bar you can also see Shared Views and Your Views


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