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IQ Report - New Starter Report (Bookings)

New Starter Report [Bookings] (IQ Report)



 This report will list details of any candidate/temporary worker who has had their FIRST booking between two specified dates.
The report provides useful information to provide to your payroll provider, such as Name, National Insurance No., Bank A/c Details, etc.




Notes/Special Features

The report requires the date range for New Starters to be entered in the format
YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2016-04-01, for 1st April 2016
The report uses a calculated fields to look for "First Booking Date"



The report can be installed on Influence Professional systems from version or later by downloading the report attached to this article, then Dragging/dropping the report onto the [I Query] workbench within the [Admin] section of the system. For more information about installing IQ Reports, please Click Here


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