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Outlook Invite for Interviews

Outlook Invite for Interviews

When sending an interview confirmation from the workflow, it is possible to configure the system so that as well as generating
an email, Influence also creates an MS Outlook 'invite' for the contact/candidate.

This can be done in the following way.
1) Login to the system as "ADM" of a suitably privileged user, and select Maintenance > Setup > Parameters.

2) Choose File > open and select the parameter set REC_D

3) Select the Flags tab, and set Flags 4/5 to be ticked
(Flag4 = Client/contact Invite, Flag 5 = candidate Invite)



Using the invitations is simply a case of clicking the relevant 'Interview' stage of the workflow ([1st], [2nd] or [3rd] ) and
then clicking the relevant button ([Interviewer] / [Interviewee] )

The system will generate an email and also an invitation in MS Outlook, which can then be sent to the relevant recipient.

See below.



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