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Automatic Payroll Number Generation

Automatic Payroll Number Generation

From version (or later) it is possible to get the influence system to automatically generate a payroll reference for the candidate.
The system can be configured to generate this payroll reference either using the candidate Reference no field <or> by using a sequential
counter stored in the system.


How to Generate the Payroll Reference Number

To generate the number automatically simply go to the [Financial] tab of the candidate record (sometimes called [Controls])
Click the small [...] button next to the Pay Ref: field.
Provided the Pay Ref field is currently <blank> the system will automatically generate a payroll reference number

The format of the automatically generated Pay Ref can be controlled by parameters within your system.


System Setup/Configuration

The format of the automatically generated payroll reference number can be based upon either the Reference No. of the candidate record
<or> on a sequential number.  It can also be prefixed with letters based upon the Type (e.g. BACS, PAYE, etc.) to generate a Payroll Ref No.

For example you might decide upon a payroll reference format of AAnnnnnnn    where the AA is an alphabetic prefix, determined by the Type (PAYE, Ltd Co or Umbrella) and where nnnnnn is a series of numbers based upon either the Reference No of the candidate, or  on a sequence number held in the system.


Candidate John Smith [Ref: 00023045] could be set as PAYE and could have a payroll ref such as PY023045 or if he were set as LTD, he may have a payroll ref of LL023045


The following parameters need to be considered.

Payroll_B, Flag(11)  Use Payroll Ref Counter Control    

Set this option to Y if you want to use the sequential system counter.
If set to then the system uses the Reference number for the candidate as the basis of the Payroll Ref No.

(NOTE: If using the sequential counter you can set the 'Next' sequence number using Maintenance>Setup>Edit system Controls)

Payroll_B, Integer(2) Digits in Pay Ref using counter
 If using the sequential counter (see above) how many digits are used in the Pay Ref.
(NOTE: If this is left as Zero, then the system will just use the counter, e.g. 123, whereas if it is a set number it will 'pad' with Zero's, e.g. Setting to SIX will display 000123 )

Enigma, Integer(7) Digits from Ref to use in Auto Payrol Ref
If using the candidate Ref No as the payroll Ref, how many digits from the Ref are used.


The Prefix is controlled by the "extra" fields on the Pay Ref [166] Code table
(Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables.  Select System area = C - contact management  then choose Pay Ref [166] )

The sequence number is held in Maintenance > Setup > Edit System Controls.
Choose the 'Auto numbering' tab and then set the 
Last Payroll Ref


Payroll B, Flag (11)   = N
Payroll B, Integer (2) = 0
Enigma, Integer(7)= 6

If setup as above, then for candidate number 00000265, who is setup to work as PAYE (where code PAYE uses prefix PY), the Payroll Ref would be generated as
Payroll ref:  PY000265




If PayrollB,Flag(11) is set to <blank> then you need to set Enigma, Integer(11)
If PayrollB,Flag(11) is set to Y then you need to set Payroll B, Integer2 Integer(11)



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