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Compliance Filter on Candidate workbench

A new filter has been added to the [Candidates] workbench to allow users to search for candidates based upon their Compliance items.

The new filter opens a second window and allows users to specify up to 20 criteria which can then be combined using logic to test if the candidate should be returned or not.


Using the Compliance Filter

To use the compliance filter simply click into the box and click the [...] button.
The system will open a 'Logic' screen. Users can compose up to 20 questions based upon any of the defined compliance items
within their system, and then combine these questions using the Login Line below

e.g. To check for people who have a passport and also have a driving licence, which is due to expire before 31st July, you could setup
a query as detailed below

Driving Licence
Expiry Date
Is less than
Driving Licence

Logic Line [ 1 & 2 & 3     ]

An example of the Logic screen is show below. 

Once you click [OK] the criteria which have been specified will be saved back, and you will be returned to the [Candidates] workbench.

Pressing [Go] or [Refresh] on the main workbench will run the query (along with any other criteria which may have been specified on the workbench) and will return a list of matching candidates.

When using the filter to look at compliance items with an expiry date, a new field has been added to the selections called "Days to Expiry".
This allows users to setup a query/Favourite which will consistently look for things which expire within a fixed time frame


Note: If you have a 'Favourite' view saved on the candidate workbench that uses this compliance criteria it should be noted that
Coming into this 'advanced' screen and amending the criteria will save the changes back into the Favourite when you press [OK]

i.e. If you had a favourite saved with these criteria set one way, coming oin and amending them will immediately update the
favourite view to the amended criteria as soon as you exit this screen.



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