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Booking Suggestions

Booking Suggestions

When making a booking from the 'Bookings' tab of a client record or from the 'unfilled' row on the [Planner] workbench
it is possible to get the system to Suggest suitable workers.

The suggestion facility has been available for a long time, but the screen design has been improved from version onward.

At the bottom left of the Booking entry screen there is a [Suggest] button which is used to retrieve the suggestions.

How to Use the Suggest Button

Open a Booking Entry screen - either from the 'unfilled' row of the Planner, or from the 'Bookings' page of the client
using the blue [Book] button.

Once you have completed the basic details such as the ROLE and the Dates/Times that you wish to book, you can click the
[Suggest] button at the bottom left.

The system will return a list of suitable workers, based on the fact that they have a LIVE status (or equivalent) and that they have the specified ROLE as their Current role or as one of their ten SOUGHT ROLES.

It will also check their availability for the required dates.

The returned grid of candidates shows useful information such as their Ranking (Thumbs Up/Down) and Feedback scores, and their distance from the site
in the [Miles] column.

Workers who have worked for this client/site before have marker displayed in the [Comp]/[Branch] columns and can be displayed at the top
of the list by clicking the relevant heading. Workers can be contacted using the Telephone or email icon, and can be selected by placing a tick in the
[Select] column at the right hand side of the screen.

The returned candidate list can also be further filtered using the Radius specified in the top half of the screen.
(This feature is only available if you have purchased the Postcode radius search feature)

If it also possible to restrict the search results to only display relevant workers form a specific Group if it has been defined.
To find out more about Groups please click HERE.

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