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Compliance - Overview (Start Here)

The Influence Professional database includes a compliance system, which allows you to record details of various items and documents which are required before allowing candidates to work.

Examples include: Certificate of Incorporation, Public Liability Insurance, Proof of address, Proof of ID, Driving Licences, Professional Certification, Visas, etc.

Within the database it is possible to simply store these items, or to use the compliance system to enforce the fact that these items have been stored/recorded before allowing users to place candidates or book temporary workers. It is also possible to setup compliance items against companies, such as credit checks or approvals, and prevent workers being placed at these organisations until these checks have been completed.

Below is an overview of each of the various elements for compliance.

Compliance Setup

Within Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup it is possible to setup the compliance items themselves. Each item can be  given a code (e.g. DRIV - Driving License, PID1 - Proof of ID (1), etc.). Items can be specified and Mandatory (in which case they must be completed to allow booking), Warn (in which case they will warn if they are not complete, but allow users to continue to place) or Non-mandatory, which is simply an item you can tick or store to record it.

For more details about compliance setup click HERE

Compliance Types

When creating a compliance item it can be assigned a Compliance Type. These Compliance Types can be recorded against Client records to indicate that these items must be checked in addition to all of the 'normal' compliance items.

For more details about compliance type codes click HERE

Compliance Filter on Candidate Workbench

A new filter has been added to the candidates workbench which allows users to search for candidates based upon compliance items.
The filter allows users to specify up to 20 criteria and combine these to find candidates.
e.g. Candidates where the Driving License has expired by 31/08/2016 <AND> Visa has expired.

For more information about using the Compliance Filter on the [Candidates] workbench, click HERE


Job Specific Compliance Items

It is possible to set a compliance item to be specific to one or more Job codes (Roles). From within the compliance Setup it is possible to specify several job codes and the compliance item will only be checked/enforced if the candidates is placed or booked into one of these specific roles.

For more details about Job Specific Compliance setup click HERE

Completion Stages for Compliance

Against compliance items it is possible to setup 'stages' that the compliance gores through. In the example of a DBS check, perhaps it is has stages of "Applied for", "In Progress", "Received", "Clear" and "Problem". These stages have a progression, and you can say at which stage the item is considered as complete. Until an item reaches its complete stage, it is not considered as compliant and users may be warned about it when trying to place or book a candidate.

For more details about Completion Stages for Compliance click HERE

Dependent Items

It is possible to setup Compliance Items which which are dependent upon other items, such that it is not possible to tick an item as complete unless one (or more) other items have also been completed. For example, you may have an item called File Sign-Off which is dependent upon Reference-1, Reference-2 and Proof-of-ID1.

For more details about Dependent Items for Compliance click HERE 

Candidate Compliance Report  (RAG Report)

There are many ways to report upon compliance from within the system. Once of these is the Candidate Compliance Report. It can be run from Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Candidate Compliance Reportor from [Admin] > [RAG Report]. The report allows users to specify a Date Range, a Role and a group of compliance items, and then report those candidates which are/are not compliant with those items.

After release version, the report has been enhanced to allow the selection of specific candidate GROUPS.

After Release the report can show details of the 'Stage' drop-down for any Items.

After Release the candidate selection drop-down includes [TEAMS] as well as individual Consultants. (Teams are held in code table Dept Code [068] and are assigned to each user from User Profiles.).

Client Compliance Report

After release a new Client Compliance report has been added.

It can be run from Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Client Compliance Report  (See Below)

(After v it can also be found in ADMIN > Client RAG Report, if you have set a name in PRO-ADMN, Glossary(3) )

 The report can be filtered by :-
Status - i.e. Only show clients with a particular Status
Working - Only clients with TEMP bookings in the selected range will be displayed.
Consultant - Only clients 'owned' by the chosen consultant will be shown.
Company Group - It is possible to restrict the display to clients within a GROUP created from the [Companies] workbench.




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