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Postcode Radius Search

Postcode Radius Search

Searching for candidates within a specified distance of a job is possible if you have purchased the Postcode Radius Search module. It allows you to specify a postcode and find candidates within xx miles of the chosen postcode.

Please contact the Influence sales team on 0845 371 5273 if you do not have the module but would like to purchase it.


How to Run a Postcode Search from within a Vacancy

Go to the vacancy, select the Matches page and click the [Search] button.
Once the Candidate Search page appears tick the Distance Mode check box in the Options section at the top left.
You may then enter a distance next to the POSTCODE field dispayed in the centre of the selection criteria in the top half of the page.

Enter any other critiera for your search (such as Salary requirements, Key Codes or skills, Sought Roles, etc.)
When happy with your search click the [Search] button at the bottom left of the screen to run the search and display the candidates.

The list of results will contain a 'Dist' column displaying the distance (in Miles) from the postcode.


Running a Postcode Search to find companies near a candidate.

It is possible to use the Postcode Radius search in another way to find contacts that are near to a candidate and help to determine contacts to whom you may wish to send their CV.

Open the candidate record and select the Match page select Multi and click the [On Spec] button at the bottom right of the page.
Once the Search page opens select the Distance Mode check box under Options at the top left and choose the Contacts option on the left.
You may then enter the postcode of the candidate and a distance using the fields displayed in the selection criteria in the top half of the page.

Press [Search] at the bottom left of the page to run a search.
The system will return a list of contacts at firms within the specified distance of the candidate. You may then select contacts by ticking the Inc column and choosing [Match] to create On Spec matches.



The ability to run postcode radius searches is controlled by a licence. The licence tells the system how many users can run postcode radius searches.

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