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Tasks - Automatically Create in Outlook

Create in Outlook

When creating a TASK in Influence there is a tick box labelled "Create in Outlook"

If you tick this box, then as well as creating a task within your Influence database, it will also create a
reminder item within your MS Outlook.

The 'Create in Outlook' box can be set as ticked by amending the settings in the [Call Types] (019) code table.

To amend this setting you will need to speak to Influence and get us to help you.

(Influence info: This requires going into Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables, opening the Call Type (019) code table, and then
ticking the 'Extra Info' box. Add a number to column 8, labelled 'OL Appt Dur Neg-Invte'
For older systems, there may only be 5-numeric columns which will require a rebuild of the table, and additional steps.)







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